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Software development is a term familiar to any developer or programmer, especially when creating an application or website. This term is very important and will be needed every time you make a product. In a company or startup that deals with IT on a daily basis, one is associated with so-called software development.

In this article we are going to introduce more deeply into software development methods what software development is. When creating software, application development management is definitely required, from the initial preparation to the deployment and maintenance process.

As the saying goes, “don’t know, then don’t love”, before delving deeper into software development, one must first know what software development is. Learn more about the concepts and goals of software development.

What Is Software Development ?

Well, to understand more about software development. It would be better to know its meaning and function in advance. These two points are explained below.

1. Understand Software Development

Software development is linguistically the development of software. In addition, the term is the process of developing a software application that is operated systematically to produce a good, high quality product.

In the developer world itself, this term is often referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC itself is the software development lifecycle. The purpose of using the SDLC itself is to build an information system that is well planned to meet the target product to be published.

2. Software Development Function

Now that you understand the meaning, it is time to understand the function of deploying software development. We will not explain in detail in this section. However, we will focus on a few points so that you can more easily understand the purpose of using the SDLC itself.

The first function is to support the communication between the development team during application development. This is very important to reduce the occurrence of misunderstandings between teams.

For example in relation to the UI / UX designer who takes on the task of creating the initial design of a website. In the front end, developers can then carry out their tasks in order to make a website look like the pure design results of the UI / UX Designer. And from the backend side, it can take care of the database and server parts for use by the frontend.

Communication between the teams is therefore necessary here so that the software development process can run smoothly and in a targeted manner. Next in the second function to give a clear overview of the inputs and outputs in the different phases of software development.

Displays are very important here in order to know the roles and tasks of each team and to strengthen the trust of the customers. This is very important as it can increase the credibility and quality of working on a particular project.

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Software Developer

After learning about the importance and function of software development, we invite you to learn what a software developer is. Of course, application development definitely needs a developer divided into several teams to facilitate the software development process.

Every company or startup has to have a team of software developers working on each area. We will explain some of the positions of software developers that are often used in a company.

First of all, there is the UI / UX designer, whose task in this case is to take on the initial design of the application. Next up is the front-end developer, whose job it is to modify the initial design of the UI / UX designer team in the form of programming code so that the resulting output can later be displayed to the client.

The third is the back end developer whose job it is to create a database and prepare the server which will be handed over to the front end team for users / clients to access. The backend team itself must have a good understanding of programming language algorithms and data structures.

There is another position called Full Stack Developer. This position is required in order to be able to work on the frontend and the backend. Hence, good work experience and dedication are required to become a reliable full-stack developer.

If you are interested in becoming a software developer
Make sure you understand programming algorithms, data structures, and databases. In addition, SDLC also has
rus you know so that you can collaborate with other developers.

Software Development Lifecycle Step (SDLC)

By now you should know some of the roles of a software developer. Each position will have its own specific role to play. Not all companies and startups need these teams. The division of the team from the software developer himself can be adapted by each company.

Next, enter the introduction of multiple stages of the SDLC. We explain each step to you so that you can understand it more easily. The SDLC phase itself is flexible and each company has a different software development system. Because the software development itself is tailored to the needs of product development or application presentation according to customer requirements.


At this stage of the analysis, the role is to plan the design for creating software or applications. Starting with resource allocation planning, costs, estimated working hours, team needs and others.

At this stage, a project manager needs to think carefully about the project work plan. So that things will continue to go well in the future. And above all, communication from the development team to the manager can run smoothly and synchronously.


Next, after you’ve made a good plan. The next step is the application design process. In this phase the developer will plan the entire system and plan the algorithm flow well.

The design process here is not just about determining the flow of program algorithms. However, the initial design of the display is taken into account so that it can be perfectly implemented when joining the development team. Usually the UI / UX designer team can work on this task to hand it over to the development team immediately.


The third stage is program implementation. After the initial design of the application development has been successfully determined, it is then presented to the development team. The software development team itself is divided into two large teams, the front end and the back end.

Each team will do its own thing. At this stage, enter writing code using a specific programming language. For example, when creating a website, the front-end team uses programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In the backend team with PHP, Apache, SQL, Node.js etc.


In the fourth phase, after the program creation process has been completed, it enters the test or test phase. Testing is more about testing programs that are designed to look for various bugs such as bugs, bugs, or other problems that may arise from the software.

Typically, in some large companies or startups, hire a dedicated team to handle the testing phase. Quality assurance (QA) is a position to conduct software testing. The check can be done by black box or white box methods.


When the trial is over, enter the product release. This deployment process means that the software or software has been successfully created and is ready for delivery to the customer. And for the rest, the customer will try out the functionality of the application.


If a new problem arises during the deployment process, the customer can provide feedback to the development team. And then the maintenance or repair phase can be carried out. At this stage, the developer can update the version or add features to overcome the client’s problems.

Software Development Method

Software development not only has several stages, but also several types of development methods or models that have different characteristics. The following are seven models that were selected based on their level of use in a company.

Waterfall Model

In this model we are analogous to a waterfall. Of course, due to the gravitational pull of the earth, the waterfall flows from top to bottom. Well, it’s the same as the waterfall method, which means that the software development phase is done in stages from start to finish.

The purpose of the stages here is that the software development phase cannot be carried out at the same time. However, this is done based on the planning in advance. When you’re done, just enter the design phase and so on.

If it fails, it is repeated in a phase to the previous phase. There are several companies that are still there
Use the waterfall model. When using this model, it is important to pay attention to the accuracy of the estimated time and resource requirements.

The use of this model can usually be applied to small to medium-sized projects. And it doesn’t cost anything
n Resources are too big.

Spiral Model

This model has a high repetition rate. The working model with this model focuses on each repetition performed. Repetition here means the repetition of each stage.

This model can be described as the most flexible SDLC method and corresponds to the iterative model. It should be noted, however, that the relatively short process can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, this method is very suitable for creating products that are released in quick and inexpensive versions. Therefore, you need to pay attention to every step in this spiral method.

RAD Model

The RAD (Rapid Application Development) model is a software development that is suitable for manufacturing high quality products with low investment costs. The costs can be minimized here thanks to the quick adjustment process for each level.

There are at least four phases of this RAD Model SDLC, the first is requirements planning, the second is design, then construction, and the last phase is transition (transition from the old version to the new version).

When entering the planning and construction phase, this can be done repeatedly so that the user or customer has reached an agreement. Developers can repeat the design and build phases without having to repeat it in the planning phase.

Prototype Model

This time the model differs slightly from the previous models. Because in this model with a prototype. The first thing you need to do is create a prototype application first.

The sample is then presented to the customer or client to reach an agreement. When an agreement is made, the developer or developer creates the original product as the end result of the project. This method can provide solutions to overcome problems in the waterfall model.

DevOps Model

The fifth model emphasizes more corporate culture. The point is that in addition to the software development phase, collaboration between departments is also considered in developing the life cycle of the organization.

It also affects quality assurance and the operation of software development. The application of this method therefore requires more knowledge in the management of an organization and good teamwork. So that each department or team can properly and appropriately perform their respective tasks.

Incremental Model

So the next step is to enter a model that can be said to involve developing another model. In each cycle it is further broken down into small cycles. The iteration is easy to design and has gone through various planning, design, implementation and testing phases.

Agile Models (Scrum)

The seventh model is one of the most widely used models by companies and startups. Because this model is considered to be best suited in the short and long term to be used in product or software development.

The most commonly used agile method is the scrum method. The advantages of Scrum can be seen here through the use of sprints. Sprint is a process that is carried out in stages. Another benefit is that each team can work together without waiting for either team to finish their work.

In addition, every 1 to 2 weeks there is always a vote on the results of the weekly work by the project manager. Then customers can also view the results of the work of each team so that an agreement can be reached between the development team and the customer.

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  • Software development is the process of developing software in multiple phases that are systematically arranged to produce quality products.
  • The developer of a software development is called a software developer in that he has several departments according to the part of his duties.
  • There are six phases in the SDLC, from the planning process to maintenance.
  • Seven software development methods are widely used by developers to create software, and the most popular today is the agile model using the Scrum method.

That’s the explanation about development software, hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends. okay…

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