Electrical Technician

Electrical technicians are professionals who are tasked with carrying out maintenance, predictive and planned maintenance functions in a company, including evaluating, assembling and maintaining electrical systems on various devices and products, collaborating with electrical engineers to view and follow a product design plan.

Electrical technicians operate in workplaces or even manufacturing facilities, either supervising electricians or even as components of a manufacturing group. Electrical technicians comply with a device’s style strategy, examine, build, as well as repair work electrical bodies.

Electrical Technician Task Summary Design theme
Our team are actually searching for a skilled electrical technician towards assess, construct, as well as preserve electrical bodies in devices which are actually primarily mobile. The electrical technician doesn’t style electrical bodies however will certainly determine prospective issues in style.

To become effective as an electrical technician, you ought to have the ability to check out electrical body style strategies as well as suggest enhancements, in addition to calibrate tools, as well as identify defective devices.

Electrical Technician Obligations:

Constructing, assessing, screening, as well as preserving electrical or even digital electrical circuitry,devices, home devices, as well as device.

Fixing as well as fixing malfunctioning devices, home devices, as well as device.

Building as well as producing components, utilizing palm devices as well as specs.

Analysis as well as interpreting electrical as well as digital circuit blueprints, diagrams, as well as schematics.

Recommending administration on proceeded use unsuitable devices, home devices, as well as device.

Supervising electricians.

Purchasing of electrical materials as well as devices.

Electrical Technician Demands:

2-year electrical, technological, or even associated level.

Conclusion of an electrical apprenticeship.

A minimum of 2 years’ expertise as an electrical technician.

Outstanding problem-solving abilities.

Great interaction abilities.

Expertise running palm as well as energy devices, soldering as well as fault-testing devices.

Work place:

Manufacturing companies, garment companies, food companies, fintech companies, mining companies, real estate industry.

Career Path:

Electrical supervisor, Senior electrician, Technician staff

Required competencies:

Professional Competence

Have good knowledge in Power, Electrical Distribution, Instrumentation, PLC, and DCS etc.

Able to analyze engine damage and make machine condition reports

Extensive knowledge of electrical systems, cabling and required equipment

Mastering electrical tools, able to read blueprints and technical drawings, understand pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Familiar with code requirements and company safety regulations.

Work Tasks

Responsible for carrying out tasks or work in accordance with work instructions regarding maintenance and repair of electricity.

Assemble, evaluate, test and maintain electrical wiring or electronic equipment.

Read and interpret electrical and electronic circuit blueprints, diagrams, and schematics.

Ordering electrical equipment and supplies, conducting tests and assessments of new and repair systems to ensure quality

Assemble and install electrical panels, wire harnesses and other electrical equipment

Carry out regular preventive maintenance

Records all services and progress reports to management

Personal Competency

Able to work under pressure and according to targets and have high commitment and dedication.

Able to communicate very well orally and in writing as well as presentation skills.

Strong analytical and problem solving thinking, make good decisions and have integrity.

Able to delegate tasks, work in teams and coordinate team activities and negotiate.

Demonstrate work ethic, high responsibility and confidence as an Electrical Technician.

Social Competence

Able to build relationships, develop and maintain good relationships that can provide information, assistance, and access to others

Be inclusive, act objectively, and not discriminate because of gender, religion, race, physical condition, family background, and socioeconomic status.

Communicate effectively, empathetically, and politely with colleagues and work partners
Adapt in a workplace that has social and cultural diversity.

Skills a technician should have
In general, some of the tasks of a mechanic require manual work. But not infrequently also required the ability to analyze and interpret data.

This profession will require these two abilities, namely technical and non-technical. The following lists the main and advanced capabilities required:

Core skills

There are several basic skills that a technician must have, namely:

Mathematical knowledge related to machines

Knowledge of machinery and equipment

Quality control analysis

Operation monitoring

Critical thinking

Complex problem solving

Analyzing Ability

Writing and verbal communication skills

Advanced Skills

Meanwhile, the following skills must be possessed by mechanics:

Thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced environment

Ability to motivate yourself

Work and study independently

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