Software Engineer

Software Engineer | Are you interested in IT? If so, software engineering is one of the best career choices you can pursue.

Why is that? In addition to a lucrative salary, this profession is forecast to grow rapidly over the next few years.

According to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA, the company’s demand for software engineering experts is expected to increase by 22% from 2019 to 2029.

Interestingly, this value is well above the average growth of other occupations from all industries.

Well, for those of you interested in this job, I will explain everything from responsibilities to qualifications. Read more below.

What is a software engineer (SE)?

At the start of the ZD-Net site, software engineers (SE) are experts who play a role in the process of needs analysis and user design, construction and testing of software and applications.

In performing their duties, they use programming languages ​​such as C ++, Java and Python in designing software for computer applications, mobile applications, cloud platforms and web applications.

SE also typically works closely with other technology experts such as software developers, programmers, and quality control specialists to ensure that applications run smoothly.

In simple terms, a software engineer can be defined as a person who has a role in applying the principles of software development techniques. You need to apply engineering principles and software engineering to the application assembly process.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / IEEE Software Engineering said, it’s a systematic, structured, and disciplined approach to technology. Basically, software engineering is a branch of computer science that is used to find out what is wrong with software.

However, the focus of this science is now broad. Software engineering is not only required when something goes wrong in operation. Rather, it is geared towards how a software works according to the needs of the user.

Software or software carries a greater risk of damage or failure than hardware. Hence, accuracy is required for the maintenance and software development process.

What does a software engineer do?

In fact, the job of a software engineer is to explore all of the systems, programs, and software in the company.

The programs that they need to support in development are also very diverse and range from applications and operating systems to games.

What else are the tasks of an SE? Here are some of them after Robert Half’s presentation.

  • Work with users to find out their needs regarding the software
  • Design, build and also test a system or application based on the specifications requested by the user
  • Work closely with developers to code a system or application properly by drawing models or diagrams
  • Document all systems or applications in detail as a form of responsibility for performing maintenance.
  • Regularly manage applications or software and correct errors that occur
  • Recommend software updates for existing applications or systems
  • Working with other developers and engineers to create software

Skills Needed By A Software Engineer

To become a reliable SE, you need a combination of several technical skills and soft skills.

Well, here are some skills you must have if you are pursuing a career in software engineering.

1. Programming

One of the things one must master in order to become an SE is mastery of programming and programming languages ​​like C ++, Java, Python, C # /. Net and Ruby.

If you’ve got a degree in computer science from a university, chances are you know more about other programming languages.

Well this can be one of the pluses for showing your strengths.

2. Be Careful

As an SE, you will certainly be confronted with a line of code that makes you dizzy every day. Well, you must have exceptional accuracy to become a reliable SE.

Why so? SE will face challenges in the development of software with complex programming languages. Not to mention obstacles that require manual operation of an SE.

An SE doesn’t just have to have software Create and develop e, but also be ready to test or debug, which requires patience and care tian.

Conscientious behavior enables you to solve problems and ensure that similar mistakes are not made.

3. Can Work Together In A Team

In the battle with the software, SE does not work individually. SE often works with developers and engineers in other areas.

You will also work with people unrelated to technical issues, such as users who are just using the program.

Of course, this does not make an SE able to constantly position that everyone who works with it understands programming languages.

SE must be able to work well in a large or small team.

To work well together, you can easily start listening and learning from other colleagues.

4. Easy To Customize

Indeed’s reporting is not just easy to adapt to the environment. This also includes flexibility and the willingness to learn something new.

An SE works in a rapidly changing and developing field of technology. This presents SE with many challenges and can be further adapted.

So it is important to adapt to the fast pace of work, adapt to work everywhere, even new people.

Qualifications Of A Software Engineer

Are you already interested in learning more about software engineering? First, take a look at what qualifications you need for this occupation.

1. Have a minimum S1 diploma

One of the qualifications to become a software engineer, especially in Indonesia, is a bachelor’s degree in the relevant degree program.

Degree programs that can usually be included in the company’s recruiter qualification are mathematics, computer science and software engineering.

2. Do an internship

Companies hiring an SE will usually look for a plus, regardless of whether they have completed an internship or not. Chances are that someone who did an internship with a similar job has a better chance.

Why? Employers assume that someone with an internship is ready to work. At least they know what the full responsibility of an SE will be.

However, if you’re just starting out on an internship, don’t forget to revise your resume to be more persuasive and show that you are genuinely excited about the job. It would be better if you already have a portfolio.

3. Certification

There are many certifications related to software engineering. Certification doesn’t just come in the form of courses or lectures, you know! There were many workshops or training courses that also issue certificates. With this certificate you can prove to the company that your skills have been officially acquired.

In addition to workshops or courses, there are several commonly used official certificates, including:

  • Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional (OCA and OCP)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): App Builder
  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)

Career paths as a software engineer

Is the work as an SE promising? At present, the rapidly developing world of technology requires experts in this field.

Well, this could be your unique opportunity to take on this position. Is there then a level to exercise a profession as an SE? The following is the level or progression of the position:

  • Junior software engineer
  • Software developer
  • Senior software developer
  • Architect / Principal Software Engineer

This is brief description of the software engineering career you need to know.

In essence, software engineers are experts who play a large role in the design process and application testing.

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